About me


What is Yoga Ease?

Yoga Ease classes are gentle hatha yoga classes that consist of mindful movement, breathwork and meditation.   In a Yoga Ease class you can expect a slow pace with an emphasis on body awareness and relaxation. Yoga Ease classes are free or by donation to reduce financial barriers to participating in yoga classes.

A bit about me:me

Inspired by how much yoga has helped me to live better with my own chronic pain, I trained to become a certified yoga instructor and completed Pain Care Yoga teacher training so that I can share the benefits of yoga.

When I first started experiencing chronic pain, I thought that I had to stop moving to protect my body.  This only increased my pain.  After doing some research it became evident that the best thing I could do in the face of chronic pain was to keep moving.  I began going to more gentle yoga classes and slowly increased my capacity for physical activity.  Through my personal yoga practice, I have learned how to more positively manage my experience with pain so that I can continue to move through my life with greater ease.  My hope is to offer yoga classes that feel accessible to people who might benefit from yoga. 

Aside from my personal experience with chronic pain, my professionl experience in the field of develomental and physical disability spans over a decade and includes developing and facilitating recreation and wellness based programs and community outreach for people with acquired brain injury, ASD, mental health, addiction, cognitive challenges, developmental disaiblities, and physical disabilities.  Additionally I have an academic background in disability studies and am working toward completing a degree in psychology.

I believe that yoga can be accessible to everyone and aim to create an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive.

If you’re interested in working with me, please email me at:  yogaeasevancouver@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Additional training and academic background: 

  • 200 hour yoga teacher training- karma Teachers
  • 23 hour pain care yoga teacher training certification, with Tianne Allan- Semperviva Yoga
  • Introduction workshops to rainbow kids yoga. Pranayama with Engel Pherecydes  and Yin Yoga with Ara Cusack, and Intro to Restorative with Hiiro Prince
  • 2 years of college level anatomy and physiology
  • BA, Psychology (in progress, 3rd year)
  • Developmental Services Worker  (diploma program)
  • Training and education in both non-violent crisis intervention and positive behavioural supports
  • ABI and mental health/trauma informed practice workshop-Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Emergency first aid and CPR
  • Neurobehvarioual impairments module 1 (traumatic brain injury)-Ohio State University