Sharing the benefits of yoga for chronic pain

yoga ease poster (1)


Just a quick post to share how excited I am to begin teaching yoga to peoople with chronic pain.  Next week I begin teaching “Yoga Ease” classes every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of September.

I’m looking foward to learning and growing as I teach and hopefully supporting people to feel like they can move safely with chronic pain.  As someone who experiences chronic pain, I understand the fear that often accompanies even the thought of yoga or exercise; however, movement is such an important component of managing chronic pain.  How I overcame this fear was by gently exploring movement again while paying attention to the sensations that came up. Moving mindfully helped me become more aware of my body and what it could do as oppposed to what I felt it couldn’t do. It also decreased my pain experience, made me feel more empowered and helped me to sleep better.   Meditation and breathwork has also played a big role in managing my chronic pain.  My hope is that people who attend my classes begin to feel more empowered and experience some of the benefits I did.

For a brief article about of how yoga can help with chronic pain:



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