Baby steps

yoga with adrienne

 I was hoping to bike to work today but,  unfortunately, I woke up from a terrible nights sleep and realized it was going to be a heating pad on the couch kind of day.  So, I had to begin this journey with gentle, baby steps.  Luckily, Adriene had a video for how I was feeling this morning.  Although I wanted to begin this journey with a big, bold action, the important part is that I did something today.  I have to remind myself of this often.   Most of the time I want to do more than what my body says I can do.  Not listening to how my body feels typically results in more pain or fatigue.  Learning to listen to my body is a necessary part of managing my symptoms. Although I hate when people say: “it could be worse.”  It’s true.  It really could be worse and sometimes I have to tell myself that in extreme moments of feeling hopeless in my body.  Does the fact that it could be worse diminish my pain?  No. But it reminds me to be grateful and refocuses my energy on what I can still do as opposed to how my life has changed.  It’s not easy to do but it’s necessary to keep moving forward and find ways of still living a full life. 



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